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The following includes only newly added species, name changes, newly posted articles, major updates to articles/pages and new photos. It does not include new photos added to "gallery" pages, minor alterations to data on established pages and correction of typos. Changes in those categories are too numerous to conveniently list.

The most recent changes are at the top and are grouped by month. The links are to the species pages while the comments indicate the nature of the change or give the title of the secondary page that was added or expanded.




Cyerce sp. #1--detail

Cyerce pavonina--underside

Berthella sp. #1--head

Pleurehdera haraldi--with copepod

Janolus toyamensis--on food?

Platydoris formosa--side, rhinophores & branchia

Dermatobranchus sp. #1--2nd animal

Hypselodoris peasei--underside and dark

Doriprismatica atromarginata--dark (new photo)

Thorunna cf. halourga--on blue

Noumea varians--young (2nd photo)

Phyllidia exquisita--more black (1st photo)

Phyllidia scottjohnsoni--2nd animal

Phyllidia sp. #1--gray margin

Colpodaspis thompsoni--side


Caloria indica--side (new photo)

Cuthona sp. #11--with egg mass

genus Lamellaria--revised

Herviera gliriella--main photo & underside

Limenandra sp. #1--broken rings

Elysia flava--young (2nd photo)

Thuridilla multimarginata--young (2nd photo)

Diniatys dentifer--violet (2nd photo)

Dolabrifera dolabrifera--young (2nd photo)

Runcina sp. #1--underside

Psilaxis oxytropis--main photo, underside & crawling

Goniobranchus albopustulosus--underside (new photo)

Marionia hawaiiensis--pale

Unidentified Facelinid #4--side & feeding

Thordisa sp. #14--new species

Trapania euryeia--pale, side, & underside


Dendrodoris denisoni--branchia

Unidentified Haminoeid #15--new species (split from Limulatys muscarius)

Cyerce bourbonica--young

Glossodoris rufomarginata--young

Unidentified Haminoeid #13--egg mass

Cuthona sp. #11--underside

Limulatys muscarius--young (2nd photo)

Hamineobulla(?) kawamurai--young (first 2 photos)

Tayuva lilacina-side & underside

Siphopteron sp. #1--side

Ceratosoma tenue--egg mass (new photos)

Siphopteron flavum--main photo, side & underside

Liloa cf. porcelana--changed to Liloa porcelana

Atys(?) multistriatus changed to Atys pittmani

Atys(?) sp. #3 changed to Atys ukulele

Carminodoris grandiflora--main photo


Unidentified Haminoeid #2--underside & in situ

Sakuraeolis sp. #1--underside

Eubranchus sp. #5--on black (2nd photo)

Unidentified Haminoeid #3--underside

Liloa curta--underside & young (2nd photo)

Polybranchia orientalis--young (new 3rd photo)

Julia zebra--young

Unidentified Facelinid sp. #3--young

Berthella sp. #1--mating?

Elysia sp. #10--underside & iridescent

Jorunna funebris--new species

Phanerophthalmus sp. #1--young (new photo)

Noumea sp. #4--egg mass (2nd photo)

Tambja amakusana--young, 2 mm

Limulatys muscarius--underside (new photo)

Hancockia sp. #1--young, 2 mm

Lamellaria(?) sp. #3--side & dark


Hexabranchus aureomarginatus--egg mass (2nd photo)

Baeolidia salaamica--egg mass (2nd photo)

Phestilla lugubris--egg mass (2nd photo)

Pleurobranchus forskalii--fecal material & young, 2.5 mm (2nd photo)

Lamellaria sp. #6--2nd animal, underside & side

Flabellina cf. rubropurpurata--2nd animal

Ercolania cf. coerulea--brown flecks

Gymnodoris okinawae--underside

Hydatina amplustre--underside

Thuridilla kathae--underside

Stiliger sp. #10--underside (new photo) & side


Melibe engeli--young (2nd photo)

Kaloplocamus ramosus--young (2nd photo)


Costasiella kuroshimae--mature & iridescence

Cyerce pavonina--light & dark and side (2nd photo)

Aliculastrum debilis--predation evidence



Pleurobranchus grandis--young (2nd photo)

Limacina inflata--changed to Embolus inflata

Glossodoris rufomarginata--regeneration error

Plakobranchus ocellatus--parapodia (2nd photo)

Goniobranchus albopunctatus--with egg mass

Miamira sinuata--rhinophore detail


Cerberilla sp. #1--side

Phyllidiella rosans--side

Phyllidia varicosa--young

Ardeadoris scottjohnsoni--side

Janolus toyamensis--front

Halgerda cf. elegans--main photo

Carminodoris bifurcata--young (2nd photo)

Dendrodoris nigra--translucent

Phyllidia sp. #1--side


Cyerce elegans--dark

Thordisa albomacula--few papillae


Pleurobranchus forskalii--gill

Kaloplocamus cf. dokte--new species (split from Kaloplocamus ramosus)

Limenandra sp. #2--side

Berthella martensi--mating

Aegires lemoncello--white

Catriona sp. #1--contracted cerata

Phanerophthalmus cylindricus changed to Phanerophthalmus sp. #1

Atys debilis changed to Aliculastrum debilis

Tayuva lilacina--notum detail


Aliculastrum debilis--shell (2nd photo)

Stylocheilus striatus--swarming (3rd photo)

Caloria militaris--new species

Baeolidia moebii--front

Pleurobranchus forskalii--burrowing

Scyllae sp. #1--front and gills (3rd photo)


Tambja amakusana--yellow & feeding? (2nd photo)

Hexabranchus pulchellus--young, < 5 mm (2nd photo)

Caloria indica--feeding

Lamellaria sp. #1--underside (2nd photo) & large

Hydatina physis--laying eggs (2nd photo)

Euselenops luniceps--egg mass?

Liloa cf. porcellana--side

Aplysia dactylomela--light

Haminoea cf. natalensis--pale (2nd photo)

Liloa sp. #2--underside

Goniobranchus verrieri--in situ

Aldisa pikokai--feeding?

Dolabrifera dolabrifera--mating & egg mass (2nd photo)

Siphopteron quadrispinosum--predation

Noumea sp. #4--feeding

Berthelinia pseudochloris--feeding & shell (1st two photos)

Diniatys dentifer--shell (2nd photo)

Euselenops luniceps--young

Aeolidiella alba changed to Bulbaeolidia alba

Aeolidiella indica changed to Anteaeolidiella cf. takanosimensis

Aeolidiella cf. japonica changed to Bulbaeolidia sp. #1

Aeolidiopsis ransoni changed to Baeolidia ransoni

Baeolidia nodosa changed to Limenandra sp. #1

Baeolidia sp. #2 changed to Limenandra sp. #2

Berghia japonica changed to Baeolidia japonica

Berghia major changed to Baeolidia moebii

Berghia salaamica changed to Baeolidia salaamica

Spurilla neapolitana changed to Spurilla braziliana
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