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The following includes only newly added species, name changes, newly posted articles, major updates to articles/pages (for example, changes to notes that provide substantial new information/corrections) and new photos. It does not include new photos added to "gallery" pages, minor alterations to data on established pages and correction of typos. Changes in those categories are too numerous to conveniently list.

The most recent changes are at the top and are grouped by month. The links are to the species pages while the comments indicate the nature of the change or give the title of the secondary page that was added or expanded.




Gymnodoris sp. #7--underside

Retusa sp. #2--extensive granules

Phyllodesmium sp. #1--egg masses (2nd photo)


Julia exquisita--head side

Elysia nealae--underside

Runcina sp. #1--brown

Gymnodoris okinawae--side

Facelinella semidecora--underside

Limenandra confusa--underside

Elysia sp. #6--underside

Elysia lobata--underside

Thuridilla neona--side & underside (new photo)

Tenellia lugubris--feeding damage (2nd photo)

Cyerce sp. #1--side & underside (2nd photo)

Costasiella sp. #1--underside & side

Flabellina cf. rubropurpurata--other animals (1st photo)


Acteocina sp. #2--side

Acteocina sp. #1--underside (new photo), 2nd animal (new photo) & side


Pleurobranchus grandis--cream spots

Discodoris lilacina--underside (2nd photo)

Stiliger sp. #13--new species

Retusa sp. #2--new photos, shell sculpture & young

Pteraeolidia semperi--mating (2nd photo)


Pontohedyle sp. #1--new species (Pulmonate Addendum)

Paraganitus sp. #1--new species (Pulmonate Addendum)

Microhedyle sp. #1--new species (Pulmonate Addendum)

Rhodope sp. #2--new species (Lower Heterobranch Addendum)

Rhodope sp. #1--new species (Lower Heterobranch Addendum)

Helminthope sp. #1--new species (Lower Heterobranch Addendum)

Gymnodoris sp. #9--new species

Embletonia gracilis--young

Philine sp. #5--new species

Philine sp. #4--new species
Pseudovermis sp. #1--new species

Migaya sp. #1 changed to Nakamigawaia sp. #1

Migaya sp. #2 changed to Nakamigawaia sp. #2
Philinopsis pilsbryi changed to Tubulophilinopsis pilsbryi
Philinopsis sp. #1 changed to Tubulophilinopsis sp. #1

Philinopsis sp. #3 changed to Spinoaglaja(?) sp. #3

Philinopsis orientalis changed to Spinoaglaja orientalis

Chelidonura(?) sp. #4 changed to Biuve sp. #4

Chelidonura sp. #5 changed to Chelidonura(?) sp. #5

Chelidonura fulvipunctata changed to Biuve cf. fulvipunctata

Aglaja regiscorona changed to Niparaya cf. regiscorona



Tambja limaciformis changed to Martadoris limaciformis

Tambja amakusana changed to Martadoris amakusana

Chelidonura sp. #6--new species


Placida cremoniana split into Placida barackobamai & Placida kevinleei--new species

Phyllidia varicosa--laying eggs (new 3rd photo)


Marsenina(?) sp. #1 changed to Lamellaria(?) sp. #10 (velutinid addendum)


Tambja morosa--with eggs

Baeolidia salaamica--digestive gland detail


Hallaxa cf. translucens--new species
Phyllidia varicosa--laying eggs (2nd photo)

Glossodoris rufomarginata--pale

Lamellaria sp. #1--large (2nd & 3rd photos) (velutinid addendum)


Tenellia sp. #1--top

Dendrodoris fumata--branchia

Aplysia parvula--underside

Lamellaria(?) sp. #10--heavily spotted (3rd photo) (velutinid addendum)

Philine orca--underside

Dendrodoris nigra--blue marginal band

Actinocyclus verrucosus--young (2nd photo)

Carminodoris grandiflora--underside & branchia

Spurilla braziliana--side, rhinophores & young

un. elobiid #4 lumped with Allochroa layardi (pulmonate addendum)

Laemodonta sp. #1--from Kaneohe & underside (name assigned to dark shells) (pulmonate addendum)

Laemodonta octanfracta--new photo (name assigned to light shells) (pulmonate addendum)

Allochroa layardi--underside (new photo) & shell (2nd & 3rd photos) (pulmonate addendum)

Gymnodoris sp. #8--new species

Miamira sinuata--small blue spots (2nd photo)

Atagema sp. #18--yellow (2nd photo) & underside

Marianina rosea--2nd animal

Caloria sp. #3--top (2nd photo)

Philine orca--new photos

Verconia simplex--new photo, side & underside

Williamia radiata--underside (pulmonate addendum)

Nakamigawaia sp. #1--new photo & young

Pleurobranchus forskalii--gill (3rd photo)

Dendrodoris nigra--pale (2nd photo) & with egg masses (2rd, 3rd & 4th photos)

Marionia hawaiiensis--pale (2nd photo)

Lamellaria(?) sp. #10--underside, heavily spotted & young) (velutinid addendum)
Hypselodoris imperialis--young (3rd photo)

Chelidonura hirundinina--mating (new photo)

Aglaja orientalis changed to Spinoaglaja orientalis

Ardeadoris sp. #2--front

Hypselodoris alboterminata--side


all other unnamed Cuthona spp. changed to Tenellia spp.

Cuthona sp. #4 changed to Abronica sp. #4

Cuthona sp. #18 changed to Tenellia acinosa

Phestilla melanobranchia changed to Tenellia melanobranchia

Phestilla lugubris changed to Tenellia lugubris

Phestilla cf. minor changed to Tenellia cf. minor

Cuthona poritophages changed to Tenellia poritophages

Cuthona pinnifera changed to Tenellia pinnifera

Cuthona perca changed to Tenellia perca

Cuthona ornata changed to Tenellia ornata

Cuthona diminutiva changed to Tenellia diminutiva

Catriona sp. #1 changed to Tenellia sp. #25

Tergipes sp. #1 changed to Tergipes(?) sp. #1

Eubranchidae & Tergipedidae combined as Fionidae

Odontoglaja sp. #1--detail

Scyllae sp. #1-ocelli detail


Unidentified Facelinid #2--pair, in situ

Chelidonura(?) sp. #5--new species

Aglaja sp. #3 changed to Spinoaglaja(?) sp. #3

Hypselodoris imperialis--underside (2nd & 3rd photos)

velutinid addendum revised

Thordisa albomacula--smooth & underside (2nd photo)

Aldisa sp. #2--on food sponge (2nd & 3rd photos)

Aldisa pikokai--on food sponge
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