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The following includes only newly added species, name changes, newly posted articles, major updates to articles/pages (for example, changes to notes that provide substantial new information/corrections) and new photos. It does not include new photos added to "gallery" pages, minor alterations to data on established pages and correction of typos. Changes in those categories are too numerous to conveniently list.

The most recent changes are at the top and are grouped by month. The links are to the species pages while the comments indicate the nature of the change or give the title of the secondary page that was added or expanded.




Hypselodoris alboterminata--young

Chelidonura fulvipunctata--without orange spots

Doris pecten--egg mass (2nd & 3rd photos)

Goniobranchus decorus--egg mass (2nd photo)

Chromodoris aspersa--side

Aegires pruvotfolae--egg mass (3rd photo)

Dendrodoris elongata--underside (2nd photo)

Aldisa sp. #1--young

Aldisa sp. #2--new species (split from Aldisa pikokai)
Glossodoris rufomarginata--with egg masses (2nd photo)

Kaloplocamus ramosus--underside & more dark orange


Verconia varians--continuous stripe & side

Ardeadoris scottjohnsoni--side

Onchidium verruculatum--underside & young (new photos)

Thorunna daniellae--egg mass (2nd photo) & veligers


Berthellina delicata--side (2nd photo)

Cratena sp. #1--underside & side


North Kihei Pier changed to Kenolio Park in captions

Goniobranchus(?) sp. #6--new species

Goniobranchus verrieri--side (2nd photo)

Hypselodoris bertschi--side (2nd photo)

Okenia sp. #1--pale

Diaphorodoris sp. #1--new species


Thorunna kahuna--rhinophores

Thorunna daniellae--color variant

Hiatodoris fellowsi changed to Peltodoris fellowsi

Montereina(?) rubra changed to Peltodoris rubra

. sp. #8 changed to un. discodorid sp. #8

Tayuva lilacina changed to Discodoris lilacina

Noumea(?) sp. #6 changed to Verconia sp. #6

Noumea sp. #5 changed to Verconia sp. #5

Noumea sp. #4 changed to Verconia sp. #4

Noumea varians changed to Verconia varians

Noumea simplex changed to Verconia simplex
Dinyatys dubia changed to Dinyatys dubius

Ventomnestia girardi changed to Ventomnestia villica



Navanax sp. #1 changed to Chelidonura(?) sp. #4

Eocylichna braunsi changed to Cylichna biplicata

Elysia ornata changed to Elysia marginata

Elysia flava changed to Elysia obtusa

Dolabella auricularia--"hiding"


Caloria sp. #3--side

Unidentified Facelinid #4 changed to Facelina sp. #4

Thordisa cf. oliva--new species


Gymnodoris sp. #7--new species (split from Gymnodoris alba)

Pteraeolidia ianthina changed to Pteraeolidia semperi


Ardeadoris poliahu--young

Cuthona sp. #4--side

Pteraeolidia semperi--young (2nd photo)

Ceratosoma sp. #2--in situ

Hypselodoris peasei--on food sponge (2nd photo)


Noalda(?) sp. #2 changed to Philine(?) sp. #2

Acteocina sp. #3 moved to Acteocinidae

Acteocina sp. #2 moved to Acteocinidae

Acteocina sp. #1 moved to Acteocinidae

Acteocina sandwicensis moved to Acteocinidae

Acteocina hawaiensis moved to Acteocinidae

Scaphander takedai moved to Scaphandridae

Scaphander pustulosus moved to Scaphandridae

Scaphander alatus moved to Scaphandridae

Colinatys sp. #1 moved to Colinatydidae

Colpodaspis(?) sp. #1 moved to Colpodaspididae

Colpodaspis thompsoni moved to Colpodaspididae

Ventomnestia villica moved to Mnestiidae

Pleurobranchus cf. peroni changed to Pleurobranchus cf. peronii

Ventomnestia bizona changed to Ventomnestia girardi (then to Ventomnestia villica)

Diaphana sp. #1 changed to Colinatys sp. #1

Runcinidae moved to Runcinacea

Dendrodoris denisoni changed to Dendrodoris krusensternii


Marseniopsis sp. #1--possible food (3rd photo)

Dolabella auricularia--possible predation (2nd & 3rd photos)

Doris pecten--young

Flabellina bicolor--white spotted (2nd photo)

Phanerophthalmus sp. #1--young (2nd photo)

Elysia sp. #5--young (2nd photo)

Janolus mirabilis--front

Hypselodoris imperialis--trailing (3rd photo)

Runcina sp. #2--shell & gill and young

Chelidonura hirundinina--underside (2nd photo)

Ardeadoris angustolutea--possible food sponge

Thecacera pacifica--on Halimeda


Atys pittmani--underside

Haminoea ovalis--underside (2nd photo)

Eubranchus sp. #1--underside

Evalea stearnsiella--main photo

Chrysallida cossmanii--main photo & underside

Dendrodoris nigra--underside

Caloria indica--underside & young

Thordisa albomacula--pale (3rd photo)

Glaucus marginatus--new species

Doris nucleola--on food sponge & probable egg mass

Pleurobranchus cf. peronii--cf. reinstated

Nakamigawaia sp. #1 changed to Migaya sp. #1

Nakamigawaia felis changed to Migaya sp. #2
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