Species list


Two people played huge roles in the comprehensiveness and accuracy of this site:

Dr. Terry Gosliner of the California Academy of Sciences became interested in Hawaiian opisthobranchs early in his career and they have held a special place in his studies ever since. He has described and continues to describe many new Hawaiian species and specializes in opisthobranch evolutionary history. We have been extremely lucky to have received his expertise and guidance for the past 19 years and we sincerely thank him for helping us to bring this project to it current state.

Scott Johnson is another figure who is prominent on the Hawaiian opisthobranch scene. We can never know how many people fell in love with Hawaiian nudibranchs as a result of his and Hans Bertsch's book of the same title. We both referred to it often in the early years of our studies and it gave nudibranch enthusiasts a starting point from which to learn more and let them know they were not alone in their appreciation of these animals. For our project, Scott graciously made his previously unpublished photos and data available which added a number of species to the list as well as valuable distributional and behavioral data.

We would like to express our thanks to John Hoover for providing photos and data from Oahu, and for his encouragement and periodic inquiries as to when we would be done (his impatience for us to publish almost exceeded our own). Also, sincere gratitude to Mike Severns for photos, specimens and years of support and interest. Mike was key to the two of us meeting and to the early development of our project. Sincere thanks, as well, to Dr. Jerry Flora for endless encouragement and inspiration over many years and to Norman and Linda Nelson for lodging, transportation and support during many lengthy stays at Camp Pecusa on Maui.

We would also like to thank Dr. Robert Cowie and Regina Kawamoto for assistance in working with the collection at Bishop Museum and permission to photograph selected shells. Our thanks, also, to the participants in the 2006 CREEFS cruise to French Frigate Shoals for assistance and specimens as well as to the crew and staff of the Arthur Elton Sette for support. We thank Dr. Christopher Kelley for providing photos of deep water species from the HURL archives and Dr. Bill Rudman for his comments on our submissions to his forum and for creating that invaluable resource. Also, thanks to Noelani Weyas, Tim Aubrey and Jessica Aubrey for support at Camp Olowalu during stays on Maui and to Dr. Gustav Paulay for assistance during visits to the Florida Museum of Natural History, great encouragement over the years and help with taxonomy and ranges. Thanks to Dr. Chip Fletcher for permission to use the Coastal Geology Group aerial photos. Thanks to Kerry Reardon and Molly Timmers for providing further Northwest Hawaiian Islands data. Also, our thanks for specimens, photos and support to the participants in the 2017 MarineGeo Kaneohe Bay survey and to the staff of the Smithsonian, HIMB and other organizations affiliated with that effort. Also, thanks to Dr. Katharina Jörger for providing meifaunal photos from that survey.

In addition, we thank the following researchers for their assistance with identifications and data in their areas of expertise: Phil Alderslade (information on octocorals), John van Aartsen (identification of pyramidellids & relatives), Clay Carlson (photo of young Atagema echinata & data), Carlo M. Cunha (aplysiid identification), Shireen Fahey (information on dorids), Larry Harris (Oahu Tenellia photos & data), Leslie Harris (polychaet identification), Sam Kahng (information on Phyllodesmium poindimiei), Elizabeth Kools (assistance during visits to California Academy of Sciences), Katie LeFevre (ctenophore information), Jean Letourneux (information on cephalaspidean distributions), Manuel Malaquias (information on Bulla & other cephalaspideans), Karla McDermid (algae identification), Leslie Newman (flatworm identification), Joe Rowlett (hydroid and anemone identification), John Slapcinsky (assistance during visits to Florida Museum of Natural History), Cynthia Trowbridge (information on Placida), Angel Valdez (assistance during visits to California Academy of Sciences & Maui photos), Daniel Wagner (information on Tritoniopsis cf. elegans), Richard Willan (information on Doris) and Gary Williams (information on octocorals).

Many many divers, some enthusiastically and some with mock derision, have contributed in ways large and small. Some gushed with enthusiasm over every new nudibranch they photographed or brought to us. There were others (you know who you are) who contributed but didn't necessarily share our excitement over the slugs, and so we had to listen to our share of tongue-in-cheek comments about how someone had swept things like this off the floor for years or cleaned such things out of their pool filters, etc. Most, however, shared the passion.

We thank the following friends for photos, specimens and data (data from Maui unless otherwise noted): Elizabeth Adams (data), Todd Aki (Dendrodoris krusensternii photo), Deniz Akin (Sacoproteus cf. smaragdinus data), Jennifer Alexander (data), Ashton Allgood (Platydoris formosa photos), Sabina Alistar (Hiatodoris fellowsi photo), Jennifer Anderson (Carminodoris bifurcata data), Noriaki & Kaoru Aizawa (Hypselodoris imperialis photo), Robin Gwen Agarwal (Herviella mietta photos), Virginia Armstrong (Thorunna kahuna photo), Kent Backman (Midway data), Billy Ball (Cerberilla sp. #2 data & Plocamopherus maculatus photo), Evan Barba (Tenellia sp. #24 photo), Sarah Bashaw (Dendrodoris sp. #9 record), Alexia Benrezkellah (Miamira sinuata photos), John Bertram (Phyllidiella cf. lizae photo), Laurel Bicker (Dermatobranchus rubidus find), Rebecca Bicker (Caloria sp. #1 photo), Laura and Edward Blackshaw (Ardeadoris angustolutea record & other Oahu photos), Warren Blum (Tambja morosa photo, other data), Janet Boberg, (Miamira sinuata photo), Laura Bodell (Tomoberthella martensi photos), Ryan Boerema (Goniobranchus albopunctatus photo), Natalie Bollinger (Hypselodoris imperialis photo), Camille Boostrom (Asteronotus cespitosus photo), Curly Boyer (Pleurobranchus forskalii photo), Jake Brandwine (Plocamopherus maculatus photo), Tara Branham (Thuridilla cf. vatae record), Jeremy Bricco (Dendrodoris tuberculosa photo and Goniobranchus sp. #6 record), Erika Brigante (Herviella mietta photo), Evelyn Brown (Dendrodoris coronata photos), Holly Bunnel ( Hypselodoris bertschi photo), Dianna Burkholder (Cerberilla sp. #2 photo), Kate Butler (Tenellia sp. #16 photos), Shawn Caley (Ercolania sp. #7 find), Bruce Carlson (Midway data), Laura Spelman Cartwright (Phyllidia sp. #1 photo), Nate Cermak (Dolabrifera dolabrifera photo), Christina Castaldo (Phyllidia varicosa photo), John, Mike and Dan Cesere (Noumea sp. #4, Haminoea cymbalum photos), Vivian Ka Man Chan (Dolabrifera dolabrifera photos), C. A. Clark (Dolabella auricularia photo), Rhiannon Combs (Euselenops luniceps Oahu data), John Coney (photo of Phyllidia exquisita), Kay Cooper (Phyllidiella cf. lizae find), Christy Coppolo (Baeolidia moebii photo), Dan Crevier (Pteraeolidia semperi photo), Gary Crockett (Sclerodoris sp. #2 photo), Clint Crowe (Big Island data), Anna Curtis (Diaphorodoris sp. #1 record), Al Cymbaluk (behavioral data on Hexabranchus predators), Allyson Dalton (Murphydoris puncticulata photo),Patricia Daly (Syphonota geographica record), Matthew D'Avella (Clio Pyramidata & Corolla spectabilis photos), Patty Daly (Tubulophilinopsis pilsbryi photo), Britt Daniels (Tubulophilinopsis pilsbryi photo), Sean Daniels (Big Island dta), Nikki Decker (Ercolania sp. #7 photos), Brian Deis (Oahu data), Jacques Delorme (Kaloplocamus cf. dokte find), Vahe Demirjian (taxonomic input), Dan Diaz (Glossodoris atromarginata photo), Dan Dickey (Goniobranchus albopunctatus find), Ariane Dimitris (Big Island record),Tom Dimock (Phyllidia sp. #1 photo), Rachel Domingo (Umbraculum sp. #3 photo), Elizabeth Donadio (Kauai data), Alex Dutcher (Unidentified Discodorid #18 record & Kauai data), Jamie Dutton (Ceratophyllidia photo), Rod and Ruth Dyerly (educational opportunities), Alan E. (Haminoea cymbalum photo & Jorunna funebris Maui record), John Earle (mating Hexabranchus pulchelus photo), Candee Laine Ellsworth-Groh (Big Island data), Pete Ely (photos), Timothy Ewing (data), Jon Felis (Niihau data), Joseph Fell-McDonald (Asteronotus cespitosus in tide pool), Greg Furstenwerth (Molokai data), Amy Fine (Big Island-Janolus toyamensis data), Dave Fleetham (specimens & data), Jon Goldberger (Goniobranchus geometricus record), Gretchen Frankenstein (Big Island data), Kay Frankenstein (Big Island data), Melanie Frey (Aplysia argus egg masses), David Fry (Tomoberthella martensi photos), Buddy Fritz (Elysia sp. #13 photo), Jaret Frye (Flabellina cf. rubropurpurata photo), Julie Gardner (Tubulophilinopsis pilsbryi photo), Mark Giammarinaro (Flabellina cf. rubropurpurata data), Scott Godwin (Thuridilla neona photo), Chris Goff (Aplysia reticulata photo), Meidee Goh (Dendrodoris sp. #10 record), Tatiana Gonnason (Aplysia argus data), Jessica Goodheart (data), Allison Gordon (Flabellina cf. rubropurpurata data & Okenia sp. #3 find), Cassidy Grattan (Kauai data for Glaucus marginatus & Sacoproteus cf. smaragdinus record), Tom Green (Hexabranchus photos with shrimp), Todd Hackett (Thorunna daniellae photos), Christian Hamilton (Costasiella sp. #2 data), Sandy Hammel (Facelina sp. #3 photo), Jackie Hanberg (Tenellia sp. #30 record), Cynthia Hankins (Unidentified Phyllidiid #1 record & other Big Island data), Dieta Hanson (data), Nancy Harris (Kahoolawe-Phyllidia exquisita photo), Nan Harter (Polycera abai discovery), Brent Hartwig (support at Olowalu), Patrice Heller (Big Island data), Gordon Hendler (Philine sp. #4 specimen & Dendrodoris sp. #8 record), Christiana Hetzel (Unidentified Facelinid sp. #10 record), Autumn Hill (Fiona pinnata specimen), Mykle Hoban (Bulla vernicosa data), Jason Hodin (Hypselodoris bertschi find), Ron Holcom (Oahu specimens & data), Neal Hoogenboom (Ardeadoris scottjohnsoni photo), John Horn (Melibe megaceras photo), Marc Hughes (Costasiella sp. #2 data), Daniel Jennings-Kam (Hydatina amplustre & Melibe megaceras photos, Eubranchus sp. #8 record & Kauai data), Lloyd Johnson (Plocamopherus ceylonicus & Phyllodesmium poindimiei photos), Rob Johnson (Caloria sp. #3 photo & Big Island data), Katie Jones (Tambja morosa photo), Lanihuli Kanahele (Spurilla braziliana data), Jerry Kane (photo of Phyllidia exquisita), Dean Karamehmedovic (Siphopteron quadrispinosum data), Darcy Kehler (specimens & photos), Sue Kellam (photo of Dendrodoris sp. #1), Kerry Key (Dendrodoris krusensternii photo), Chris Kim (Hiatodoris fellowsi photo), James Kregness (Phyllidiella cf. lizae photo), Peter Krottje (Tambja morosa photo), Anthony Kuntz (data on Chromodoris sp. #5 & other species from Niihau), Dan Lager (Miamira sinuata specimen), Joshua Lambus (Cliopsis krohni record), Robert Lee (Cerberilla sp. #2 photo), Megan Lamson (Big Island Stylocheilus longicauda record), Joseph Latsha (Spinoaglaja orientalis photo), Zac Lenox (Aplysia argus & Pleurobranchus grandis photos), David Leonhardt (Godiva sp. #1 & Ardeadoris(?) sp. #4 photos), Rebecca Lesher (Verconia sp. #5 photo), Ron Lickman (photo of Chromodoris sp. #5), Phil Liff-Grieff (Big Island  data), Cooper Lund (Lobiger viridis photo), Bo and Tara Lusher (Phyllodesmium sp. #2 & other specimens), Donnie Lutrick (Carminodoris grandiflora photo), Pam Madden (Gymnodoris sp. #5 & Costasiella sp. #2 photos), Brian Magnier (Oahu Herviella mietta data), Janine Maira (Miamira sinuata find), Bruce Malasky (Okenia #3 photo), Kelsey Maloney (Big Island data), David Marchand (Dendrodoris nigra photo), Keelee Jade Martin (Sacoproteus cf. smaragdinus data),Victoria Martocci (Tomoberthella martensi photos & Lanai data), Simone Matucci (Pteraeolidia semperi photo), Sarah Matye (Big Island data), Brooks Masiba (Phyllidia polkadotsa photo), Maureen McEvoy (Dendrodoris carbunculosa photo), Shera Chee Mercer (Flabellina exoptata photo), Charles Meyer (Kauai data), Kelly McCaffrey (Lamellaria sp. #7 photos), April McCormack (Flabellina sp. #2 photos and Tenellia sp. #26 record), Adrian McCown (Oahu data), Dennis McCrea (photos of Dendrodoris sp. #1 & others from Big Island), Cole McCune (Hypselodoris paulinae photo), Sharon McGauley (Tenellia sp. #10 data), Mel Meka (Notarchus indicus photo), Jennifer Meyer (Pteraeolidia semperi photo), Jeff Milisen (Kalinga ornata photo), Sarah Milisen (Lobiger viridis photo), Heidi Miller (Umbraculum sp. #1 photo), Jelena Miskovic (Pteraeolidia semperi find), Katie Molzer (Big Island data), Daniel Moth (Goniobranchus geometricus photos), James Murphy (Costasiella kuroshimae photo), Shane Murphy (Lobiger viridis find), Marketa Murray (Thecacera pacifica photos & Tenellia sp. #27 record), Meghan Miner Murray (Phyllidiella cf. lizae photo), Brian Nedved (Caloris militaris record), Rich Neely (Costasiella kuroshimae photo), Ilana Nimz (Nihoa data), Paul Okumura (records for Flabellina cf. rubropurpurata and Thordisa sp. #14), Hai Van On (Doto sp. 2 record and Glossodoris rufomarginata photo), Susan O'Shaughnessy (paired Hiatodoris fellowsi), Adrienne Peck (Hypselodoris peasei photos), Phil Peck (Ardeadoris angustolutea photo), Bob Pecoraro (Tambja Morosa photo), Debbie Pecoraro (Stilliger sp. #10 find), Doug Perrine (Cymbulia sibogae record & other blackwater photos), James Petruzzi (Glossodoris sp. #2 photo & data), Kyle Pias (Unidentified Discodorid #18 photos & Scyllae cf. fulva record), Jonathan Plissner (Midway data), Pamela Polland (Asteronotus cespitosus photo), Janice Portillo (Jorunna funebris data), Laura Posson (Phyllidiopsis sphingis find), Tom Powers (Glossodoris atromarginata data), David Prutow (Goniodoridella sp. #3 record), Chris Quarre (north shore nudibranch expeditions), David Rafalovich (Caloria sp. #4 photos & Unidentified Pleurobranch #3 record), Kimberly Randal (Platydoris formosa photos), Nereus Rankin (Ceratosoma(?) sp. #1 photo), Cricket Raspet (Spurilla braziliana photo), R. Ravinesh (Hallaxa cf. fuscescens record), Scott Rettig (photos of Glossodoris sp. #2 & Dendrodoris krusensternii), Carol Riccio (Hypselodoris imperialis photo), Jessica Rickard (Umbraculum sp. #3 photos), Roney Rodrigues (Costasiella photos & Oahu data), David Rolla (photos of Unidentified Facelinid #4 & Tenellia sp. #23 record), Mike Roberts (photos), Kevin Roe (Ceratosoma sp. #2 photo), Dominic Romer (Goniobranchus decorus photo), Mike Rudenko (Tambja morosa eggs & Bornella stellifer photos), Brian Russo (Hypselodoris paulinae data), Mike Ryan (Catriona sp. #1 photo), Katie Samuelson (Mexichromis pusilla record), Rachel Schackne (Costasiella sp. #2 record), Maria Schaefer (Jorunna alisonae photo), Andy Schwanke (Cephalopyge trematoides, Thecacera pacifica data & Platydoris formosa photo), Leo Shaw (Big Island data), Greg Shepherd (Tambja sagamiana photo), Katherine Shepherd (Tambja sagamiana & Plocamopherus cf. imperialis records), Eric Shewchuk (Phyllodesmium sp. #3 and unidentified Facelinid sp. #8 records),  Aryn Schunzel (Bornella anguilla find); Robyn Smith (Phyllodesmium poindimiei photo & Big Island data), Lars Snitker (Flabellina sp. #2 photo), Marty Snyderman (Phyllidia varicosa photo), Celeste Spangler (Unidentified Facelinid sp. #7 record), Randall Spangler (Unidentified Facelinid sp. #7 photos and island data), Narrissa Spies (Costasiella kuroshimae photo & assistance with Caloria militaris photo), Keoki Stender (record for Sebadoris fragilis plus Oahu & Leeward Hawaiian Islands data), Bill Stohler (Umbraculum sp. #2 photo), Sandi Strickland (Dendrodoris sp. #1 photo), Andrea Swagler (Elysia sp. #4 photo), Pippa Swannell (Cratena sp. #1 photo), Jenna Szerlag (Stiliger sp. #10 photo), the late Darrell Takaoka (Oahu--numerous specimens and data), Dai Mar Tamarack Umbraculum sp. #1 photos), Dave Tanis (data), Vici Tate (Godiva sp. #1 specimen & other data), Julia Taylor (Glaucus mcfarlanei photo), Michael Thiebaud (Hexabranchus aureomarginatus photo), Sara Thiebaud (Colpodaspis thompsoni & Unidentified Discodorid #17 potos), Philip Thomas (Platydoris formosa photo & advice on site design), Kaho Tisthammer (Caloria militaris photo), Toby Tobin (data), Damaris Torres-Pulliza (Cyerce pavonina photo), Nancy Treneman (Hypselodoris infucata photo), Olie Turner (Jorunna funebris photos), Ralph Turre (Dermatobranchus rubidus & Melibe megaceras photos), Julien Ueda (Hydatina physis photo), Rene Umberger (Carminodoris grandiflora data & photo), Dr. Christy Vail (dive buddy and keen observer), Blesi Varny (Pleurobranchus grandis photo), Erik and Spencer Verhoef (Jorunna funebris record), Bruce W. (Hexabranchus photo), Karolle Wall (Melibe sp. #1 & Mourgona(?) sp. #5 records); Cecile Walsh (Eubranchus sp. #8 record), Alex Wang (Caloria indica photos), Justin Warner (Otinodoris sp. #1 find), Steve Weiner (Phyllidiopsis fissurata data), Dee Wescott (Halgerda dalanghita photo), Jennifer Wessner (Dolabella auricularia photo), Joe Weston (Phylliroe bucephala & Clio cuspidata records), Michelle White (Glossodoris atromarginata data), Sharon Williams (Phyllidia varicosa photo), Rachel Winn (Jorunna funebris data), Tiffany Winn (finding Flabellina sp. #2), Todd Winn (north shore nudibranch expeditions), Astrid Witte (Big Island Flabellina exoptata data & photo), Andy Woerner (Big Island Kalinga ornata data), Kuoni Lehner Wooten (Kauai data), Linda Wright (Pteraeolidia semperi photo) and Elizabeth Zwamborn (Kauai data).

In addition to those mentioned above, we also thank the staff and participants in classes that have been held at camp Pecusa/Olowalu under the auspices of the following schools: Western Washington University, Trinity Western University, Willamette University, Garfield High School, Monroe High School, West Seattle High School, Summit High School, and Ballard High School. Over the years, they have provided support and assistance in many ways during stays on Maui, Kauai and the Big Island.
Species list